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Paintings  - Ancient Park Cattle  British White History & References  British White Cows - Milk white, polled, docile, incredibly beautiful!    

A drawing from 1835, entitled "THE WHITE URUS ( or Hamilton breed of wild Cattle) Native of Scotland".  What is of great historical interest here is the representation of both a horned example of the this very ancient breed, and a polled example of this ancient breed, within the same herd.  Certainly based upon much reading of scholarly articles and observations of this period, we would expect to see such a drawing.  Modern day historians with affinities to the horned Park cattle, would have you believe the polled Park cattle (now referred to as British White) are genetically distinct from the horned Park cattle (now referred to as White Park) of today.

Old Painting of an Ancient White Park Cow

     An old painting of a horned White Park cow.  Note the depth of body, the well set udder, and the kindly nature of this quite beautiful and contented representation of this ancient breed, and particularly look at those black tipped horns.  Some old writings about this breed describe them as having black tipped horns in this very style, yet we don't see this trait consistently in modern animals bearing the label Ancient White Park.  Wonder why?
      Within the White Park Cattle Society of the UK's own dogma and history of the breed they inadvertently provide historical evidence via this painting of the absolute close kinship of the polled and horned varieties of the ancient White Park breed.  Merely remove the horns and you have an excellent example of what all breeders of polled British White cattle strive to have grazing in their pastures today.

Old Painting of an Ancient White Park Herd of Cows - Note the Red Points

Of particular interest here is the representation of both a red pointed White Park cow and a black pointed White Park cow.  Within both the horned and polled varieties of the White Park breed, red pointed calves continue to appear today as they did in days of old, and breeders of the polled variety are invariably surprised and pleased when this occurs.  It's quite easy to understand why the gentle milk white cows with red ears were held in reverence for many thousands of years, and found their way into Celtic myths and legends long before the written word.

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