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       ". . . a perfectly white cow with red ears, and boil it down in a lump."  Irish Fairy Tales - Morgan's Frenzy

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Mr. Kenneth Brown, a long time resident of Colmesneil, Texas, and my pasture neighbor, has been my volunteer right hand for many years now.  Mr. Brown always has a ready smile and always a keen eye when he checks on the cows.  He is pictured here in March 2011 just after feeding out some alfalfa hay flakes.  He likes staying busy and he sure likes interacting with my gentle British White calves and mama cows.


Spring 2009 at the South Texas State Fair in Beaumont, Texas.  This was a first for all of us --Taylor, and the heifer, Mazey, and me.  We had quite a good time, and I thought both Taylor and Mazey had a blue ribbon day.  Taylor thought it was a major plus to be the only person in her breed.  She showed Mazey all by herself in her own group, and Mazey and Taylor took home the Blue Ribbon.  I just love the expressions on both Taylor and Mazey in these photos, click the thumbnail to get a good luck at those two pretty girls.                       *******Follow this link for their video on YouTube.


Summer 2008 this group of mostly heifers were not in the least spooked by their new visitors on the fourth of July. 

Oftentimes, small children will spook a herd of cattle, even British Whites, and have them scattering to the four winds, but not this herd of British Whites.  They are just as curious as this little toddler.


Jimmie in March 2006 with a heifer a couple of weeks old and still approachable.
My sweet niece, Taylor, getting to know the cows in the fall of 2001. Sure do miss her when she's gone.

Update 12/03 - Taylor is now an excellent hand on the ranch.  She spent all of the past summer with me and her favorite thing to do was cut out a few cows.  She has a gift for working with them. 

  Taylor above, Taylor and Gracie with Donny below.

Taylor, picnicking and posing with my yearling heifers on her fall 2001 break.
Mike keeping up with Fred in the Spring of 2006 with a curious bull calf approaching.


My little niece, Gracie, early spring of 2003, with a very unusually small newborn calf.     






Summer 2005, Taylor and Wanda Mae hanging out....and her cousin Cody catching a catfish, he's quite the fisherman!
Bob Stanley delivering my first herd bull, Doc, in the summer of 2001. Doc was my first British White and he was awfully lonesome for Bob and some cow company for a few weeks.  He's looking pretty lean here from coming off of a late spring breeding season.

Bob Stanley passed away in the fall of 2003, and he is missed.  He was excited and passionate about British White cattle and was intent on raising them through his retirement years.  He has left some fine animals for us all to work with. 

Morris Halliburton delivering my first group of cows in the summer of 2001. Doc was sure happy to see them!  I'm happy to know that the ranch is now cleaned up - it looks like they're embarking into a jungle!
    British White Cattle - Born Gentle, Stay Gentle, and you can't ask for more in fertility, milkiness, calving ease, low birth weights, and hardiness..........